Somewhere just east of Peculiar . . . Hannah Garvey is about to run smack into her new life.
One morning Hannah Garvey woke up and decided she’d had enough: of the fast track, the corporate ladder and chronic love-gone-wrong. So she traded in the rat race of Chicago to become the resident manager for Valhalla Springs, an exclusive retirement development nestled in the Missouri Ozarks. And she’s more than ready to kick back, relax, and enjoy the view.

But Mondays happen, even in Paradise. And in this community of delightful oddballs and endearing buttinskis, Hannah finds more than she bargained for. She certainly didn’t expect murder . . . or a sexy lawman seven years her junior . . . or a mystery that puts her wits and wiles, not to mention her patience, to the test.

Between the wannabe Miss Marples, headstrong Sheriff David Hendrickson and a killer on the loose, Hannah is learning to expect the unexpected.